Olesia Li is a Russian born graphic designer who has been based in London for almost a decade. Olesia began her career in Saint-Petersburg, contributing to the branding scene in Russia. After attending Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts, she graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London where she developed an interest in typography and branding. In 2016 Olesia completed her Masters Degree in Graphic Branding&Visual Identity at London College of Communication.

Olesia specializes in book publishing, editorial design and branding. In recent years her practice has become strongly oriented towards underground electronic music. Having successfully navigated the visual side of branding and partnerships for Resident Advisor, as well as various events and her own personal music collective, Olesia is someone who lives and breathes music and deeply cares for the scene.

Olesia is an award-winning designer and some of her clients include Warp, Hugo Boss and Penguin Books.

Open to new projects and collaborations.
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