Art direction and design for Resident Advisor 24/7, a series of 24-hour events taking place at seven different locations around the globe. 
We worked with some of the world's foremost collectives and crews to celebrate electronic music in all its forms. Local artists, live performances, films, installations, workshops, discussion and raves.  We brought our events together  in multi-roomed spaces across the globe, across seven individual events, each lasting 24 hours. One day and one night.

The gradient was inspired by the dusk and the dawn and represents the change between times of day and night. Announcement poster and timetable both in digital and print was created for each event. Assets were also translated in instagram square and stories formats as well as various animations.
Featured at the Design Museum in London in 2020 at their  Electronic Music: from Kraftwerk to Chemical Brothers exhibition. Animation work for this project was outsourced. 

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